Favorite Son
Genesis 37:3
Beloved Son
Matthew 3:17
He was a Shepherd
Genesis 37:2
Good Shepherd
John 10:11-14
Called the Naar, Youth
Genesis 37:2
Called the Naar, Youth
Luke 2:43
Hated by his brothers
Genesis 37:4
Hated without a cause
John 15:23
Sent by his father to find his brothers and return to him
Genesis 37:13
Sent by his Father to the lost sheep of Israel and return to Him
Matthew 15:24
Was thrown into a pit
Genesis 37:24
Was laid into a grave
Mark 15:46
Yehudah suggested to sell Yosef for silver
Genesis 37:28
Yehudah (of Kriot) sold Yeshua for silver
Matthew 26:15
Was jailed with two prisoners, one who was raised up, and one who was killed
Genesis 37:24
Was crucified with two thieves, one who went to Paradise, the other to death
Mark 15:46
“Reuben returned to the pit, and saw that Yosef was not in the pit.”
Genesis 37:29
“They entered in, and did not find the Lord Yeshua’s body.”
Luke 24:3
Faced Temptation and overcame
Genesis 39:13
Faced temptation and overcame
Luke 4:1-13
30 years old when he began to rule
Genesis 41:46, cf. Numbers 4:23, 2 Samuel 5:4
30 years old when he began his ministry
Luke 3:23
His brothers did not recognize him
Genesis 42:8
Israel does not recognize him
2 Corinthians 3:14
Concealed in Egypt Concealed in Edom
Appointed ruler of all Egypt, only with respect to the throne was Pharaoh greater
Genesis 41:40
Appointed ruler over all the universe, the Father is greater than he
John 14:28
Yosef was made ruler over all the goyim
Genesis 41:41
Yeshua inherits all the goyim
Psalm 2, 82
Arrayed in linen and gold
Genesis 41:42
Arrayed in linen and gold
Revelation 1:13
Given a new name by the Gentiles, Tzofnat-Paneach
Genesis 41:45
Given a new name by the Gentiles
Given a new name by God
Psalm 81:5
Given a new name by God
Revelation 19:12
Sent his brothers away twice
Genesis 41:45
Israel is exiled twice
Babylonian Exile, Roman Exile
Reveals himself to his brethren upon their third return
Genesis 45:4
Will reveal himself to his brethren upon their third return
Zechariah 12:10